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"The easiest way to catch up and outpace your online competitors."

"Tech Betterment was the missing piece of the puzzle. We needed reliable marketing to grow our website in ways we didn't have time for."
"Tech Betterment gave us peace of mind with a web marketing strategy for our business so we can focus on customers."
"Tech Betterment performs serious marketing tasks for our website for far less than the cost of a marketing team."
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Dedicated design and content marketing, just for you

Real humans. Smart strategy. Our web design and content marketing team designs web pages, formats media, researches competitors and optimizes your content every month so you can catch up and outpace the competition online.

A web presence you can't do without

When customers want to learn more about who you are and what products or services you offer, a website can speak a thousand words. No matter what local industry you serve, having a website is a must.

We help your small business look good online making it easier to build expertise, authority and trust with new visitors.

Website setup, minus the stress

From content management systems and analytics, we make sure your small business website starts off on the right track. Leave all the technical website setup details to us!

We help you leap ahead of the competition much sooner and save you time and money in the long run.

Responsive web design, at your service

According to Google, mobile device usage has surpassed the desktop for all internet traffic, making responsive web design a top priority.

While most services stick to desktop-only design, we make sure your visitors have a positive experience on your website, no matter what device they use.

Content marketing plan for the long run

The long-term goal of every website is to increase rankings and visibility across search engines such as Google. We execute a smart content marketing plan that increases your organic search position over time.

While most competitors focus on gaining business through costly ads that don’t work, we help you climb the search results pages that get sustainable traffic in the long-run.

Free up hours in your day

Less time worrying about how to maintain your website and where to look for the right resources means you get more time to focus on what you really care about – helping your business succeed.

We carry out routine tasks such as website updates, keyword research, competitive research, content creation, SEO and page layout design, all without affecting your day!

No marketing team? No problem

We specialize in helping small businesses grow with or without a marketing team in place. If marketing just isn’t your thing, don’t worry.

Now your small business can get more web marketing tasks done for less than than the cost of an in-house marketing team or a salaried position such as a Search Engine Optimization Manager.

Top features, updates & security

With a platform that powers 1 in 3 websites in the world, we make it easier than ever to keep your website feature-rich.

As you grow your small business website remains updated, secure and packed with the latest design and marketing features so you can be sure your small business stays ahead of the curve.

Online reporting, 24/7

Curious to know what we’re up to while you’re away? Get live on-demand reporting 24/7 so you can see all web design updates and marketing tasks we complete for your small business website.

We love to keep healthy relationships built off of transparency and trust!

Flexible support, when you need it

Have a question? Need help? Our in-house marketing team works around the clock for your small business. Contact us your way via call, text, email or online message and we’ll do our best to respond fast.

Small business owners trust Tech Betterment with their marketing needs