Google Ads Management

Smart Google Ads = Smart, low Budget

Google Ads Management doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Google Ads management can indeed be straightforward and cost-effective.

Start with a clear objective: Before starting any advertising campaign, it’s essential to define your objectives clearly. Are you looking to increase sales, drive more traffic to your website, or build brand awareness? Having a clear objective will help you set up your campaign correctly.

We focus on your objectives, audience targeting, relevant keywords, compelling ad copy, and budget monitoring, and help you run a successful Google Ads campaign that is both effective and affordable.

We make managing your Google Ads Campaigns easy for you.

Google Ads offers a free account audit to determine if these issues are present and how they can be fixed. With new updates, google ads have become more difficult as Google has put in place stronger algorithms to combat bad advertising practices. We have been through this so we know exactly what Google is looking for from businesses running google ads.

In our initial meeting with the manager, we discuss the current state of the campaign and where you would like to take it. We then perform a comprehensive analysis on your current google ads management campaign and create an action plan going forward. This includes adopting best practices for Google AdWords PPC campaigns that will integrate seamlessly into your business structure without any hassle or interruption on your end. In addition, Tech Betterment follows up periodically to ensure the campaign is running smoothly and google Adword algorithm changes are being handled efficiently.

A Google ads management campaign is a large investment for any company. With google quickly banishing poorly run campaigns, it’s crucial that this service is managed by professionals who have extensive experience in google ads management. Tech Betterment has been optimizing Google AdWords PPC campaigns since 2015 with lots of success stories resulting in increased traffic, leads, and revenue to businesses across Colorado Springs.

We manage all elements of your digital marketing directly from google ads and Adwords management to customized landing pages that convert visitors into customers as well as social media marketing. Contact us today for a free consultation on Google Ads Management services! We’re to answer any questions you may have about Google AdWords PPC, google ads, or google analytics. Businesses across Colorado Springs trust us with google ads management. We have lots of success stories resulting in increased traffic, leads, and revenue for our clients. Call us today to see what google adwords can do for your business!

We help get your Google Ads Campaigns setup quickly and pain-free.

Step 1 – Initial Strategy Call

– We’ll schedule a 20 minute phone conversation where we’ll figure out what you need and want, your financial goals, timeline for achievements, etc.

– This serves as our first point of contact to serve you better. It’s also an opportunity for us to ask questions about your business so that we can create the most effective google ads campaign possible for you!

Step 2 – Detailed Analysis & ROI Calculation Meeting

– For this meeting we will go over all aspects of how google ads work so that you leave with a clear understanding on how our services work.

– We will also do an in depth analysis of your current google ads account.

– We will discuss what you would like to achieve (goals) and your budget.

– We will create an effective google ads strategy backed by data, factoring in your business goals, industry standards, google’s algorithm updates, google trends, etc.

– This meeting lasts around 1 hour – 2 hours depending on how much information you would like to cover at once (can be split into multiple meetings).

Step 3 – Execution of Strategy & Ongoing Account Optimization

– Once we have received approval for the strategy that was put into place during the meeting we’ll begin executing it for you!

– We’ll stay in contact with you to keep you updated on our progress so far and where we are headed for the future!

– Once everything is going smoothly we’ll look into other google services to help improve your google ads account even further, such as google analytics and google mangement.

Step 4 – Ongoing Account Optimization & Reporting

– We will continue staying in contact with you, keeping you up to date on any changes or updates that need to be made, or that have been made already.

– We will also provide monthly reports of the progress that has been made since our initial goal setting session so that you can see exactly what’s been done and how it has improved your google ads!