Dedicated web design and strategic marketing for your small business.

Get the benefits of a web designer and strategic marketing for your business without all the employee overhead.

How our plans work

We get you setup

First, we'll meet with you to get to know your business, discuss how your local competitors are succeeding online, and gather everything we need from you to design your website.

We design your website

We quickly begin designing your small business website with your preferences in mind. We work with you to make sure all the basics are covered and you are prepared for long term success.

We help you grow online

Our dedicated team plans and executes a winning strategy to help you grow your website on a small business budget. You get to take all the guesswork out of marketing your business!

More Than Just a Website

We establish and grow your website for long term success

Tech Betterment provides modern website design that’s responsive on all devices. We help your small business stand out online so your visitors can learn more about you, your company and your services for years to come.

Why small business owners choose Tech Betterment

We build and manage your local small business website for you

We execute a content marketing plan so you can grow your website and traffic

We save you time and help you experience long term success.

"Tech Betterment helped us redo our entire website and set us up for future success that we see today. Marco has been very friendly, easy to contact and super helpful over the years."

Expert Web Design

We build and manage your small business website

We handle the setup process

Don't worry about the technical setup of your new website. We help you find a url, obtain website hosting, setup site security, setup analytics, and properly configure your cms.

We build a sleek, professional website

We help you define your audience and clarify your company message, then we design a responsive website that matches who you are and what you offer.

We keep your website up to date

Your small business website won't go out of date. We address outages, hosting issues, theme and plugin updates, and any other issues that may arise.

"Without the help of Tech Betterment, we don't know where we would be. We were able to save money and get professional web design and marketing without a huge budget."

Content Marketing Plan

We grow your website with a smart marketing plan

We perform keyword research

You don't have to keep wondering why your competitors are winning online. We find ways to help your local small business website compete by finding the right keywords that help your rank on google.

We study your local competition

Did you know your top local competitors are also executing a multi-channel strategy that helps them obtain organic traffic? We make sure your marketing plan can exceed their efforts by studying what works so you can catch up and out pace them in the long run.

We provide dedicated content creation

One of the most important aspects of growing your website is through regular content marketing. We match your service offerings with the right audience through dedicated content creation so you can focus on running your business.

"Tech Betterment helped us plan out a strategy so we can grow our website and actually compete against other small business in the area. They are flexible and deliver more than we expected."
David D.

Your Remote Marketing Team

We free up your time so you can focus on your business

Tech Betterment provides modern website design that’s responsive on all devices. We help your small business stand out online so your visitors can learn more about what you have to offer.

  • Maintenance and updates
  • Search engine optimization
  • Fast, friendly support
  • Real-time reporting
"Both of our websites need a refresher. Tech Betterment handled all the tedious tasks and got the job done right on time. They helped us avoid google penalties and gave us progress updates along the way"

Your website must-haves, all in one place