How can your small business establish an online presence?

Small business

Small businesses can establish an online presence in a variety of ways, but it’s important to think about what your site actually needs to do in order to support your business goals. We’ve got a strategy and we can talk about that in detail, but for now, don’t worry about whatever today’s shiny new technology is if it’s not going to directly contribute to your goals.

Local Listings

Some businesses use local listings to create a digital presence, using products like Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. These types of directories let businesses publish details like descriptions, reviews, maps, and images.

Review Sites

Beyond local listings, there may be review sites for your specific type of business where people can leave feedback – and you can respond. Rave reviews will give you the edge over the competition. You can also use social media as your digital presence. People all over the world use Facebook and Twitter pages to complement – or in some cases replace – a website.

Mobile Apps

Another way you can reach customers online is through their mobile. You’ve probably downloaded apps or games on your mobile phone. You can create and offer these apps to customers yourself. Apps can take advantage of a mobile device’s unique capabilities, like GPS, mapping, and phone, to connect with customers. If a customer installs your app on her mobile, the next time she’s near your shop, the app might send her a special offer, thanks to GPS.

How we can help

So, to recap: whether you use a website, local business listings, social media, mobile apps, or all of the above, the trick is to decide what you want customers to do, then create a home that accomplishes those goals. Together, these things work as your digital storefront: your space to interact with customers online. Let’s talk about focusing on your website: we’ll handle all the basics like how websites work, how to pick and register a proper domain name, and how to make whatever you decide to do online as friendly as possible to your digital visitors AND support the goals of your business. And if you keep working with us, we can take care of all of this and more.

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